We have strong experience in environmental control and supervision on site. We get permits and develop and implement various management systems in large renewable energy projects.

  • Environmental supervision of construction sites.
  • Legal compliance audits.
  • Control of contractors’ environmental compliance.
  • Calculation of the level of environmental complexity and MMES by environmental insurance.
  • Environmental Due Diligence (Face I and Face II).
  • Sampling of water, soil and liquid effluents.
  • Air quality monitoring (particulate) and annoying noise according to IRAM standard with an authorized laboratory.
  • Drafting of environmental management plans in the construction stage, according to current regulations and other standards such as IFC (International Finance Corporation).
  • Monitoring of flying fauna according to current regulations for wind farms.
  • Design and monitoring of remediation and revegetation processes.
  • Management of enabling aggregate quarries (mining producer, cadastral record, environmental impact report, payment of monthly production fees).
  • Inscriptions as hazardous waste generator, carrier and handler in Chubut.
  • Design of hazardous waste collection sectors and chemicals/inputs to current regulations or good industry practices.
  • Enabling water extraction wells before IPA.
  • Environmental impact studies and addendas to pre-existing environmental impact studies
  • Development and maintenance of environmental management systems according to ISO Standards 14001.
  • Preparation of Security Program according to SRT N° 35/98 Resolution.
  • Crafting technical file on site.
  • Design and – or monitoring of SRT determined special programmes.
  • Development of a Hygiene and Safety training program and dictation of trainings.
  • Management and signing of work permits according to the requirements of the contractor.
  • Advice in selection and determination of Personal Protective Elements.
  • Job survey, risk analysis and implementation of prevention measures.
  • Monitoring and accidents investigation.
  • Management before related organizations.
  • Advice on signalling.
  • Compliance with Law 19.587 (Decree 911 with amendments), Law 24.557/96 and complementary Resolutions.
  • Follow up to contractors if you have.
  • Coordination with ART and program follow-ups.
  • Making monthly safety and hygiene reports.